For 65-69 Corvair Monza and 500’s

March 2005

By Greg Hopewell  N.T.C.A.



Have ever wanted an in-dash tachometer for your Corvair? This is an easy  Modification from start to finish in about 2 to 3 hours.

Parts needed:

Sun Pro Super Tach. 3 3/8 Inch

Costs around  $50



Flat File

Sm. flat and Phillips screwdrivers

1/4” Nut driver or sockets

Pliers and red marker


1) Remove dash assembly

2) Remove instrument cluster from dash. (This would be a good time to lube, clean gauges and lens)

3) Remove clock blank from cluster

4) Use hacksaw to cut face off clock blank approx. 1 /4”  back from face.   see fig.-1




5) Cut slit down center of the flat on the clock blank   see fig.-2






6) Reinstall cut clock blank back into the instrument cluster

7) Carefully remove tach. face and lens by prying at tabs with a screwdriver.

8) Use a red marker to color in a redline on tach’s. Face (6000rpm)

9) File off the tab above the 4000 RPM mark and then file a  1” wide flat area behind the tab  see fig. 3








10) Slide tach. into clock blank from the front ( this should be a snug fit) and push  it all the way back see  fig.-4






11) Reassemble instrument cluster in to the dash  make sure that ground strap is connected.

12) Make sure tach. is set to 6cyl.

13) Connect black wire to ground on back of dash.

14) Reinstall dash in the car. (note: the tach light is not used)

15) Connect red wire to radio fuse

16) Rout green wire to distributor and connect to point side of coil. You are now ready to enjoy .

      Your  in-dash tachometer..